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Licensed Practical Nurse Refresher Course

Course Overview

The Licensed Practical Nurse Refresher course (LPNR 1000) prepares LPNs for re-entry into the field. It contains a review of medical surgical nursing, pharmacology and legal/ethical aspects of practical nursing practice. Course content is divided into two parts. The first part of the course addresses theory (70 hours), while the second part addresses clinical practice (30 hours). Students must satisfactorily complete the theory portion of the course before progressing to clinical. The clinical portion of the course must be completed in an approved healthcare facility under the supervision of a preceptor.

This course is delivered online through the Elizabethton College of Applied Technology.

Target Audience

This refresher course is designed for individuals who possess a current active or current inactive unencumbered license. See Rule 1000-.02-.03 of the Tennessee Board of Nursing Rules and Regulations for Licensed Practical Nursing. 

Note:  Any LPN who has not been engaged in the practice of nursing for five years must contact the Tennessee Board of Nursing for counsel and approval of enrollment in this course.

Out-of-State Licensure
If your last active licensure was in another state, contact the Tennessee Board of Nursing to obtain an application for endorsement. Renewal takes approximately 10 days. Endorsement can take 4-6 weeks.

Course Design

The LPN Refresher course is designed to be completed in one trimester. A trimester is typically 15 weeks in length. The course length is 100 clock hours. It is divided into two components. A total of 70 hours is devoted to theory; 30 hours are devoted to clinicals.

Online learning requires you to be disciplined with your time. It is important to meet all deadlines.   


Students must begin preparing for the clinical portion of this course as soon as possible. Information about clinical preparation is in Module 1 of the course. Your course facilitator can assist you in finding a clinical site or you may secure one on your own.

The following documentation must be completed and submitted prior to the beginning of your clinical:

  1. Obtain malpractice insurance. Insurance can be obtained through March Affinity (1-800-503-9227) or www.proliability.com. The price for malpractice insurance is between $89-$110. Previous license holders must apply as an LPN rather than a student.
  2. Obtain a physical. Students must complete a physical, be in good physical and mental health, have current immunizations and a tuberculosis skin test. The Medical History form, the Physical Examination form, and the Immunization Records form must be completed prior to beginning your clinical.
  3. Obtain a urine drug screen as part of your physical examination. Many clinical sites require a urine drug screen with proof of a negative result. Check with your local health clinic or urgent care clinics to find a test location. Results must be sent to:
            Terri Blevins
            Tennessee College of Applied Technology at Elizabethton
            139 Lexington Avenue
            Elizabethton, TN 37643
            Phone: 423-512-2051
            Email: tblevins@tcatelizabethton.edu

 Some clinical sites may require students to purchase scrubs and/or lab coats that correspond with a prescribed color scheme at the clinic.  

Tuition & Fees

The LPNR 1000 course is 100 clock hours.  See the Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology tuition and fee schedule for details.